Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has started Online Certificate Course on Competition Law & Intellectual Property Rights (IPComp).

Objective of Course

The objective of the course is to make students and professionals learn about complex international legal environment in which multinational corporations and businesses operate. Through several case studies, the course introduces some practical legal concepts, pitfalls and compliances that are needed by today’s businesses to comply with Competition Law, IPRs and their legal linkages.

This advance course provides dual benefits of learning Competition Law & IPRs challenges faced by Corporations when they expand in an organic or non-organic manner into new territories, markets and products.

Importance of Course

Any business and legal decision of a modern day corporations are intertwined. As distinction between roles in the office of CEO and General Counsel diminishes, it is important to understand and learn the complex legal environment created due to laws such as IPRs, Competition Laws (Anti-Trust) and their interface. With opening of Indian markets in almost all sectors, the present course teaches on aspects of how the modern day businesses protect and comply with IPRs and Competition Laws.

Course Coverage

Course Coverage includes topics such as, Introduction to Competition Law and Intellectual Property laws, Interface between Competition law and Intellectual Property Law, Anti-Competitive practices involving IPR, International aspects of Competition law, discussions on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) and their availability on Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory(FRAND)terms, Case based learning.

Course Methodology:

The Conduct of the Online Course would be divided into 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: Study Material to be provided to students downloadable in PDF file. FORUM to enable participants to raise queries to IP Expert and also to interact with other participants. The queries raised by participants would be responded by IPR Experts.
  • Stage 2: Online Examination and issuance of certificates.

Training Materials

Module I - Introduction to the Course

  • Introduction to Competition law
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual Property Laws and Competition Law


Module II - Competition Law in India

  • Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) Act, 1969
  • 1999: Raghavan Committee on MRTP Act
  • The Competition Act, 2002
  • MRTP act, 1969 and Competition Act, 2002
  • Competition Commission of India


Module III - Anti-Competitive Practices in Regulated Sectors

  • Anti-Competitive Agreements
  • Abuse of Dominance
  • Combinations including mergers and acquisitions
  • Anti-Competitive practices involving IPR


Module IV - International aspects of Competition law

  • This module deals with Competition law in Australia, Canada, Europe, USA, Russia, Brazil, Japan and South Africa.


Module V - Competition law and Intellectual Property Law in Pharmaceutical Sector

  • This module deals with the cases related to pharmaceutical industry with reference to Competition law as well as Intellectual property law.


Module VI - Standard Essential Patents (SEP) and FRAND Licensing

  • Standard Setting organizations (SSOs)
  • What are Essential Patents (EPs)
  • Licensing of EPs and fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms
  • Latest developments in FRAND and SEP litigation


Module VII - Case Studies

  • This module deals with the Case laws in USA, Canada, European Union, UK and India

Eligibility/Who should Pursue

  • Students from Law stream
  • Lawyers
  • Professionals from Industry
  • Student pursuing Company Secretary Course

Course Fees :

  • For students : Rs. 6500/-
  • For Industry Professionals : Rs. 8500/-
  • For Others : Rs. 8500/-

Course Duration: 2 Months

Session: May-June, 2017 Registration Closed