Online Examination Notification - Exam Dates: 7th , 8th & 11th July 2017

Online Examination Notification - Exam Dates:   7th , 8th & 11th July 2017



Exam dates for the online Examination is 7th , 8th & 11th July 2017. In case of any problem faced during examination ,email :- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The students are required to login with their Username & Password and give the examination. The students are also requested to note the following points regarding the Online Examination:


·         The duration of the online Examination would be 2 hours and would have all multiple choice questions which would come one by one on screen.

·         The students needs to answer 100 questions and could skip maximum of 20 questions out of the 120 questions that would come on screen one by one.

·         There is No Negative Marking.

·         Once moved forward, the students would not be able to come back to any question at later stage.

·         The examination is to be given only once and students can give examination on either of the days i.e. 
7th , 8th & 11th July 2017

·         The exam would be consolidated of all the topics and would have questions from each module of the course.

·         The students need NOT to go to any examination venue and give examination. The students may login from their home, cyber café or any other convenient place.

·         The online examination gateway would be opened for 24 hours on all 3 days and the students may give examination at their convenient timings.

·         The examination will continue from where it was stopped due to power/internet failure, however, the students are advised to use systems which also has power backup so that the online examination could be taken uninterrupted.



IPR Division